Marshall ISD announces investigation results

Early Wednesday afternoon, Marshall ISD announced district officials were investigating a situation brought to the district’s attention through social media posts. This morning, they have announced the results of the investigation:

MISD Statement

“MISD has completed the investigation into an incident that was posted on social media this week. A photo was taken of a student’s computer screen. The screenshot was of a Google Classroom message and contained disparaging language against a race. The timestamp from the sent message was located. At the time the message was sent, the student who had been using that computer, and left his computer open and on his login, was captured on video in the hallway. The student was out of the classroom for 7 minutes, and during that time, the message was sent from his computer. MISD continues to investigate to determine who typed and sent the message.

During the investigation, it was found that students have used computers of various students to send inappropriate messages to others using this feature in Google Classroom. In order to help prevent this from occurring in the future, MISD will lock this feature on the students’ computers moving forward.

Parents, please explain the importance of logging out of a computer and not sharing passwords with others to your child. MISD will also continue to stress the importance of cyber security safety to our students.”