Marshall ISD investigating “situation” brought to district’s attention by social media

The Marshall Independent School District posted on its official Facebook page early this afternoon that they are investigating a situation brought to light on social media.

Statement from Marshall ISD

“MISD takes any threat to the safety of our students and staff seriously. Every student and staff member deserves to attend a campus where he or she feels safe. MISD uses due diligence in investigating any threat to determine the facts of the situation. In addition, MISD follows the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act which protects the privacy of students. Investigations must be thorough so that factual information is able to be gathered to help determine the outcome. MISD is currently investigating a situation that was brought to our attention via social media. We ask that if a student or staff member ever feels threatened, please let an administrator know as soon as possible. Only posting a situation on social media, without telling someone at the campus, delays the process of the investigation. The Maverick Family continues its endeavor in giving all of our students the best education possible, in the safest environment possible.”

No other information was immediately available.