Marshall Main Street employees, Stagecoach Media work on lighted Wonderland displays

Main Street Coordinator Lacy Burson and employee Thomas Carlile, along with Stagecoach Media owner Ashli Dansby worked for two hours Thursday morning to remove non-working Christmas lights from Wonderland of Light’s Christmas displays. The work was done during a scheduled Wonderland Volunteer Work Day.

“We still have a lot more to go, but what we did today was a great start, and I’m very pleased,” said Burson.

Not only did the trio unwrap displays that are always in use during Wonderland, but also some older lighted displays Burson found in the back of the Wonderland storage area.

“We have found a lot of stuff. There is a set of three train engines that are not out, but we want to get those out as well,” she said.

Burson also found a lighted dolphin, flamingos and palm trees that were used years ago in a “Santa on Vacation” display area, as well as finding Cinderella’s carriage and Cinderella. Some of the displays need a little attention and welding work but are otherwise in good shape and will likely be used during this year’s Wonderland of Lights festival.