Jenni Dale Lord releases captivating seventh album “In The Dance”

It’s something about her voice that pulls me in.  And the storytelling is why I stay.  Every song on Jenni Dale Lord’s seventh album, In the Dance, takes you on a journey of solid songwriting, captivating vocals, and strong musicianship.  

Lord also made damn good choices in duet partners.  Billie Jo, quickly becoming a superstar on her own, provided backing vocals on several tracks.  In “It Takes One to Know One,” the pair expertly pulls off a heartbreaking duet about two women in love with the same man, both ultimately knowing the other woman is being used by this cad and not at fault.  And they both know neither will get the man.  I teared up listening to this song and had empathy for both women. 

A friend of Jenni Dale Lord and 2021’s TCMA Male Vocalist of the Year, Darrin Morris, lends his vocals on “I Don’t Want to Hurt You,” a heartfelt song that questions whether a long relationship on the brink of collapse can be, or even should be, saved.  I caught a show recently where she told the story behind the recording of this song.  While the album was made, and before Morris recorded his part, he won numerous awards and scored a couple of number one hits.  At one point, she quipped Morris would soon be “too famous for me, now.” That casual comment soon became a song and “Too Famous For Me Now” made its way on the album. 

Jenni Dale Lord is a bourbon drinker; it’s her drink of choice on stage.  She begins the album with an upbeat, playful and fun song, “Once You Go Bourbon,” that details her discovery and subsequent love of the drink.  (It does, I messaged her and asked, “Did I just listen to your whiskey timeline?”  She confirmed).

Her current single, “Better Things,” is poised to be a huge success.  It’s another relatable song for anyone who has ever been in a relationship where the other person didn’t seem to have the time, and maybe even the care, to respond.  We’ve probably all been there.  With biting lyrics, this one hits home.  

Lord is joined by numerous friends on the title track, “In the Dance.”  It’s my favorite song on the album.  Maybe she has a super-specific meaning behind this one; I haven’t asked.  It seems to me like this one just reminds us to live in the moment and enjoy every bit of this crazy dance we call life.  It’s the perfect title track for an album that truly does take you through a whole range of emotions.  I smiled, I cried, I wanted to fight for my friends, and most of all, I danced.

“Better Things,” the first single from Jenni Dale Lord’s seventh album, In the Dance, was released to Texas radio on June 9.  She hosted a sold-out album release party in Lubbock last weekend, and the album hits all digital platforms on June 14.  

Track List:

Once You Go Bourbon

Better Things

I Don’t Want to Hurt You (Featuring Darrin Morris)

Love You Like You’re Leaving

Love Wrapped Around My Finger

Lay Us Down

It Takes One to Know One (featuring Billie Jo)

Who I Used to Be

Two Lanes Kinda Day

It Feels Good

Too Famous For Me Now

In The Dance

I Won’t Give Up

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