Change Club Project seeks Marshall residents to help improve health and earn money for self and community

The Change Club project has relaunched and offers Marshall residents an opportunity to earn money, receive funds for a community project, and potentially improve their health!  They have relaunched with new communities, increased compensation and fewer evaluation activities.  

A Change Club is a small group of community residents who will work together to create positive health changes within their community.  Change Clubs will identify and implement a project that makes it easier to make the healthy choice, the easy choice.  Examples of projects may include:  revitalizing a walking trail, creating or supporting a mobile farmer’s market, community garden and improving school snacks, etc. 

Marshall Change club will receive up to $5,000 in funding to complete their project. 

Marshall Residents are needed to serve as Change Club Members!

Not interested in being a Change Club Member?  Marshall Residents are also needed to help up evaluate the project by participating in the evaluation activities described below.

Evaluation activities include:

  • an online survey
  • an online food diary
  • seven days of tracking and reporting your daily activity (e.g., steps). 

In the online survey, you are asked to provide body measurements including height, weight and waist circumference.  You will be asked to provide information now (baseline), in approximately 12 months, 24 months and 36 months.  You will be compensated $75 gift card or cash (via the Zelle app) for each time point you complete all evaluation activities.  

This information will be used to evaluate the projects.  Their hope is to inform stronger projects for promoting health.

Marshall Residents can join the Change Club Project by visiting  Contact Louraiseal McDonald at (903) 935-8414 for more information or browse the Change Club website to find out more about creating healthy communities together.

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