Sheriff Fletcher attends Texas Sheriff’s Association conference

Harrison County Sheriff B.J. Fletcher attended a Texas Sheriff’s Association conference last week with more than 175 other sheriffs from across Texas.

“It was great. To get that many sheriffs together, that kind of networking, you just can’t do it anywhere else,” said Fletcher. “We lobby in Austin for bills coming up, and we talked in depth about that and try to keep Texas values first. I think getting that many sheriffs together on that and making decisions on where we want the association to go and where we want Texas to go is extremely important.”

He said several bills that are likely to be proposed in the next legislative session would likely be opposed by the association.

“There were several (likely bills) that we weren’t in agreeance with.”

In addition to discussing the political aspects of the job, sheriffs from across Texas took part in continuing education classes during the conference.

“Continuing education is just part of it. It’s very educational,” said Fletcher. “I think the conference makes for a better Texas and a better county.”

The conference started Friday, July 23, 2022, and ended on Wednesday, July 27, 2022.