Wildfire contained in Marion County burned 11 acres

On Sunday, Marion County firefighters and Texas A&M Forest Service Personnel contained a blaze that burned 11 acres in Marion County. Saturday was also an active fire day across East Texas, with a fire in Cass County burning 50 acres and another in Gregg County burning 14 acres.

On Saturday, the Texas A&M Forest Service reported more than 6,900 wildfires had burned more than 598,000 acres in Texas this year.

“With increased wildfire activity comes increased wildfire response, and we cannot give enough thanks to the thousands of firefighters who have been protecting Texas this year. In Texas, there are more than 1,800 volunteers, combination and career fire departments that are the first response to wildfires,” said a post on the agency’s Facebook page. “Today, there are also 120 Texas Intrastate Mutual Aid System (TIFMAS) and 961 wildland firefighters from 40 states supporting wildfire suppression efforts. As you see these brave individuals around our state, make sure to thank them for their support and willingness to leave their homes to protect Texas.”