Numerous people attend Wonderland of Lights Volunteer Day

Numerous volunteers attended a Wonderland of Lights Volunteer Day on Friday morning at the Marshall Convention Center.

Volunteers and City employees met at the Marshall Convention Center and attached new lights to old lighting displays that have been stripped of old non-working lights. Two work days held earlier this summer focused on stripping old lights off of displays, many of which haven’t been used recently but will come back this year.

“We had several groups(of volunteers). The Chamber brought out several people and different store owners from downtown came out. We are restringing these lights and getting them done, so we are so excited,” said Marshall Main Street Coordinator.

Volunteers strung more than 50,000 lights on displays during the event Friday. Many of these displays needed work and haven’t been used during Wonderland of Lights for years.

“Right now, we are working on some stockings, stars and toy soldiers. The toy soldiers we hope to use for directional (markers), because their arms are pointing, and they are really cool,” she said.

Some of these displays needed paint and welding work on their frames before being used, including a very tall metal Christmas tree.

“It needed some work on the feet, and it was welded by Mr. (George) Carter for us, and now it’s ready to be restrung.”

Carter said he’s volunteered with Wonderland of Lights “since day one.”

“You know, we started with electrical conduit and chicken wire; those were our first displays. We’ve come a long way from that,” he said. “A lot of the displays, of course, in handling them and putting them up and taking them down, they become broken, and they just put them in the corner. This year, we’ve gone in and refurbished them and welded them. We’re getting lights on them, so it should be a bigger, better display this year.”

Plans are in the works for an evening volunteer event to be held soon.