Sunny Sweeney releases new single, “Easy as Hello”

With a vintage, moody groove—somewhere between Fleetwood Mac and Dire Straits—decorated recording artist Sunny Sweeney kicks off “Easy As Hello,” the latest single from her upcoming album Married Alone. “This is the type of song that makes me think I can see myself riding down the coast of California with a joint in my hand, music blaring and wind blowing my hair all over the place,” says Sweeney, and, odds are, it’s the kind of song that will make every listener feel as such. But “Easy As Hello” hides a troubled soul below its vibey exterior. Penned by Sweeney, Lori McKenna, and Heather Morgan, the song picks apart that final decision to end a relationship. “If goodbye were as easy as hello / Could forget about someone you held so close / Pack it up and just move on down the road.” 

“This song was written much slower than we recorded it… I owe all the tempo and flare to Beau Bedford on this one,” says Sweeney. Bedford, along with Paul Cauthen, produced Married Alone—out September 23rd via Thirty Tigers. “He just came in the first day of recording holding up a guitar with no strap and goes, ‘This is it,’” she remembers. “He played a couple lines of it and I was sold.” 

Sweeney debuted in 2006 with the acclaimed Heartbreaker’s Hall of Fame, which announced her as an important new voice in songwriting. 2011’s Concrete led to a Top Female Artist nomination at the 2013 ACM Awards. Sweeney continued to expand upon the traditional-leaning, forward-thinking sound of her earlier work with 2014’s Provoked and 2017’s Trophy, both of which earned Sweeney rave reviews across roots communities.

Co-Written with Lori McKenna & Heather Morgan
From the new album Married AloneAvailable September 23
Produced by Paul Cauthen & Beau Bedford (of the Texas Gentlemen)
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