Wiley College welcomes the Class of 2026

Wiley College welcomed hundreds of students this past weekend into their new academic home during the Fall 2022 move-in.  The Class of 2026 officially joined the campus community on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, anticipating the start of the semester during this first week of August. 

The highlight of Welcome Week was the New Student Induction Ceremony, held in the Julius S. Scott Chapel at 7:00 pm. Dr. Danielle Sims-Brooks, Vice President of Student Development and Enrollment Management, provided the participants and their families with an inspiring keynote welcome address.

New students chose Wiley College for a variety of reasons, from the rich history to its impressive academic programs to experiential learning opportunities and an inviting campus atmosphere.  “I like that Wiley College teaches and gets you ready for the real world and how to communicate and other skills more than just the knowledge. I’m looking forward to making life-long friendships.” says new first-year student Kiera Nelson.

Tanreka Smith said, “As an alumna and Director of Enrollment Management, I am so excited that we had an opportunity to welcome students from around the country and abroad. The team worked extremely hard to ensure they assisted them with their enrollment. I cannot wait to see how our students’ future will blossom.”  

Wiley College is also excited to welcome our new soccer and golf team students this year as golf and soccer will be two new sports on Wiley’s campus. 

Wiley College seeks to provide as many academic, cultural, professional and athletic opportunities for students to grow and receive hands-on experience as possible during their tenure. As the school motto says, Wiley challenges its students to “Go Forth Inspired!”