Hallsville High School choir successful in a recent competition

The Hallsville High School choir took the first step toward making the Texas All-State Choir on Saturday, September 17, 2022, when they competed at the Region 21 Vocal Auditions.

36 students Hallsville students were named to the Region Mixed choir. This was the most chairs taken by any school in the entire region.

Those making the Region choir and advancing on to the Pre-Area auditions which will be held in November are:

Soprano 1- Hannah Pereira, Kaitlin Cheney, Kendall Wilson, Ava Carlisle and Mia Fierro

Soprano 2- Abby Weaver, Ashlyn Maroney, Carly Bryant, Abigayle Whatley, Avery Coulter, Blair Woods and Symantha Scott

Alto 1- Kaitlyn DiStefano, Morgan Roberts, Tristan Paxton, Haley Pereira, Cadi Stewart and Natalie Jonse

Alto 2- Joy Maertins, Marley Cottrell, Joely Hernandez, Macie Whittle, Caroline Winters and Amaris Holman

Tenor 1- Reas Harper and Jack Key

Tenor 2- James Taylor, Jose Juarez and Daniel Greenig

Bass 1- Ethan Alcantara, Brealon Fagan, Kenneth Anderson and Dawson Emerson

Bass 2- Landon Williams, Kevin Dao and Nick Taylor

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